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# Use Xft?

use_xft yes
xftfont AvantGarde LT ExtraLight:bold:size=8
xftalpha 0.8
text_buffer_size 2048

# Update interval in seconds
update_interval 1

# This is the number of times Conky will update before quitting.
# Set to zero to run forever.
total_run_times 0

# Create own window instead of using desktop (required in nautilus)
own_window_class normal
own_window yes
own_window_type normal
own_window_transparent yes
own_window_hints undecorated,below,sticky,skip_taskbar,skip_pager

# Use double buffering (reduces flicker, may not work for everyone)
double_buffer yes

# Minimum size of text area
minimum_size 200 0
maximum_width 202

# Draw shades?
draw_shades no
default_color ffffff #4D4D4D
# Draw outlines?
draw_outline no

# Draw borders around text
draw_borders no

# Stippled borders?
stippled_borders 0

# border margins
border_margin 20
draw_graph_borders no
# border width
border_width 0

# Text alignment, other possible values are commented
#alignment top_left
#alignment top_right
#alignment bottom_left
alignment bottom_right

# Gap between borders of screen and text
# same thing as passing -x at command line
gap_x 5
gap_y 5

# Distric-Thin fonts
# Blue Highway
# Raleway
# Zekton
# Calibri
# Engebrechtre
# Opeln2001
# AvantGarde LT ExtraLight:bold
# AvantGarde LT ExtraLight:bold

color0 333333 # discret color
color1 ffffff # comon color
color2 E65A07 # emphasis color

# -- Lua Load -- #
#lua_load ~/.conky/.draw_bg.lua
#lua_draw_hook_pre draw_bg

imlib_cache_size 0

${image ~/.conky/verticalBackground.png -p 0,0 -s 200x734}
${font AvantGarde LT ExtraLight:bold:pixelsize=120}${time %H}${font}
${voffset -45}${font AvantGarde LT ExtraLight:bold:pixelsize=120}${alignr}${color2}${time %M}${font}
${voffset 90}${font AvantGarde LT ExtraLight:pixelsize=40}${alignc}${color1}${time %b %Y}${font}
${voffset 10}${font AvantGarde LT ExtraLight:pixelsize=25}${alignc}${color1}${time %A %d}
${voffset 80}${font URW Gothic L:pixelsize=10}${alignc}${color0}______________________________
${font AvantGarde LT ExtraLight:bold:pixelsize=9}${alignc}${color1}SISTEMA
${font AvantGarde LT ExtraLight:bold:pixelsize=9}${goto 25}${color1}CPU1:${goto 60}${cpu cpu0}${color2}%${goto 93}| ${color1}${goto 117}CPU2:${alignr}${cpu cpu1}${color2}%
${font AvantGarde LT ExtraLight:bold:pixelsize=9}${goto 25}${color1}CPU3:${goto 60}${cpu cpu2}${color2}%${goto 93}| ${color1}${goto 117}CPU4:${alignr}${cpu cpu3}${color2}%
${font AvantGarde LT ExtraLight:bold:pixelsize=9}${goto 25}${color1}RAM: ${alignr}${mem}
${font AvantGarde LT ExtraLight:bold:pixelsize=9}${goto 25}UPTIME: ${alignr}$uptime
${font AvantGarde LT ExtraLight:bold:pixelsize=9}${goto 25}${color1}PROCESSES:${alignr}$processes ($running_processes running)
${voffset 6}${font AvantGarde LT ExtraLight:bold:pixelsize=9}${goto 25}${color1}/ ${goto 65}${fs_used /}${color2}/${color1}${fs_size /} ${alignr}${color2}${fs_used_perc /}%
${font AvantGarde LT ExtraLight:bold:pixelsize=9}${goto 25}${color1}Home ${goto 65}${fs_used /home}${color2}/${color1}${fs_size /home} ${alignr}${color2}${fs_used_perc /home}%
${font URW Gothic L:pixelsize=10}${alignc}${color0}______________________________
${font AvantGarde LT ExtraLight:bold:pixelsize=9}${alignc}${color1}TEMPERATURA
${font AvantGarde LT ExtraLight:bold:pixelsize=9}${goto 25}${color1}CPU TEMP0: ${alignr}${execp sensors coretemp-isa-0000 | grep 'Core 0' | cut -c16-17} ${color2}°C${color1}
${font AvantGarde LT ExtraLight:bold:pixelsize=9}${goto 25}${color1}CPU TEMP1: ${alignr}${execp sensors coretemp-isa-0000 | grep 'Core 2' | cut -c16-17} ${color2}°C${color1}
${font URW Gothic L:pixelsize=10}${alignc}${color0}______________________________
${font AvantGarde LT ExtraLight:bold:pixelsize=9}${alignc}${color1}REDE
${font AvantGarde LT ExtraLight:bold:pixelsize=9}${goto 25}${color1}Dl:${goto 40}${downspeedf wlan0}${color2} kb/s${goto 100}${color1}TOTAL:${alignr}${color2}${totaldown wlan0}
${font AvantGarde LT ExtraLight:bold:pixelsize=9}${goto 25}${color1}Ul:${goto 40}${upspeedf wlan0}${color2} kb/s${goto 100}${color1}TOTAL:${alignr}${color2}${totalup wlan0}
${alignc}${downspeedgraph wlan0 15,150 ffffff ffffff}
${alignc}${voffset -27}${upspeedgraph wlan0 15,150 ${color2} ${color2}}
${voffset -19}${font URW Gothic L:pixelsize=10}${color0}${alignc}______________________________


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